Cruises offer a vacation unlike any other. Once aboard the ship, you will be treated to world-class meals, a wide array of activities, amenities and entertainment, and the opportunity to relax in modern, often luxurious, spaces. You need only unpack once, then you are off to explore one dream destination to the next, all in one trip.

Cruises generally fit within three main categories; ocean, river or luxury and small ship cruises.

These ships are vast, floating resorts that offer a wide array of food and drink choices, entertainment and activities, making for the perfect all-in-one vacation regardless of whether you’re taking your first cruise, planning last minute, or traveling as part of a larger group.  Bigger ships can include such amenities as rock climbing walls, surfing pools and zip-lines, ensuring you are never bored.

Ocean cruises often begin at a lower price as companies want to keep their large ships at capacity, offering a standard level of service at that price. Guests can then opt to pay for amenities or optional dining experiences when onboard. On an ocean voyage you will be sailing on the sparking sea to far-reaching ports that can be difficult to see otherwise.

Whether you want to see spectacular sights of Europe lining the Mediterranean, set sail to the lush islands of the South Pacific, or seek an adventure filled vacation in the Caribbean, there’s an ocean cruise just for you!

A more intimate and relaxing experience is the river cruise. With a smaller ship comes less amenities and onboard activities, however you’ll experience more personalized service with typically a higher crew to guest ratio.

Traveling in luxury along the main waterways of Europe, Asia or the Americas, you’ll be treated to unforgettable sights from the comfort of your balcony. From this front-row seat you’ll view Instagram worthy sights along the river’s edge, be it castles, temples or historic bridges. The smaller ship can dock at locations inaccessible to an ocean vessel, often in the heart of the region’s oldest and most colourful cities. There will be plenty of opportunities for excursions and onshore exploration, with often a much more seamless embarking and disembarking experience when compared to the ocean cruise.

While often more expensive than a ‘standard’ ocean cruise, the value of a luxury cruise may be on par. Luxury and small ship cruises are known for personalized service, spacious staterooms and a more intimate dining experience with high quality ingredients. Often there are more inclusions such as gratuities, Wi-Fi, and a wider array of onboard activities and onshore excursions.

Two of the main benefits of these smaller ships are:

    • A higher crew to passenger ratio resulting in not only a more personal touch but also a more spacious experience with fewer passengers on board, and
    • Able to navigate waterways and narrow passages that larger ocean vessels simply cannot, allowing you to explore exotic or hard to reach destinations not frequented by other cruises.

With so many options, from choosing an itinerary and cruise line to cabin and dining selections, it can be a little overwhelming even it you’re an experienced traveler. I am here to help simplify the process, taking care of researching, planning and booking.

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