Live to Eat and Travel


Cruises offer a vacation unlike any other. Once aboard the ship, you are often treated to world-class meals, and depending on the size of the ship, can take part in various activities, amenities and entertainment. Or, if you choose, take the opportunity to relax in modern, often luxurious, spaces. You need only unpack once, then you are off to explore one dream destination to the next, all in one trip.

Style of Cruise

Wherever you want to go in the world, we can get you there.




Featured Small-Ship & River Cruises

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there, here are just a few we’ve hand-selected for you to discover.

Cruise the lower Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam

8 day river cruise

Picture-perfect charm & amazing sunsets of the South Pacific

7 day luxury small-ship cruise

Journey aboard the luxury ‘Sanctuary Ananda’ all suite ship

11 day luxury group tour

Fascinating diversity of animal, plant and marine life by catamaran

10 day small group tour

Floating castles of ice, glacial mountains, penguins and seals

13 day small-ship expedition

Seek rich tribal traditions, tropical seascapes and natural wonders

17 day luxury small-ship cruise

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